Video: Hackershub meetup

Client: Webster University


Impressie van het Hackershub capture the flag event gesponsord door Webster University.
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Exposure Media maakt videocontent in de vorm van een bedrijfsfilm, promo of pitchvideo. In combinatie met bedrijfsfotografie en visagie kunnen we een totaalpakket aanbieden die jouw nieuwe video marketing strategie naar een hoger niveau kan tillen.
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Webster Leiden launched a capture the flag event together with Hackershub to generate awareness about the MS Cybersecurity program.

The capture the flag event was held in the Amsterdam World Trade Center, where interested students learned about the cybersecurity program, study options, flexibility and what they could expect from the only accredited American university in the Netherlands. Exposure Media was present to capture the vibe.

hackershub cyber security
An MS degree in cyber security is one of the most currently ‘in-demand’ qualifications in the world. With the proliferation of Internet and smart devices, there is a lot of sensitive information in cyber space that needs to be adequately protected. Also, government data and classified corporate data can become victims of data theft. During this course, we teach students the basic and advanced skills regarding cyber security. Students gain practical and applicable knowledge about this field, which they can then apply in their professional lives. We help them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that come in handy when it comes to local or international legal systems, private and public policies, and several key ethical issues. Students can directly apply these skills to cyber security and other sensitive areas like fraud, theft, information protection, terrorism, digital forensics, intelligence and counterintelligence.
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